Land Surveying Services

Residential & Commercial Title Surveys

Land surveys, sometimes referred to as boundary surveys or title surveys, are conducted on both residential and commercial properties.
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Construction Surveying

Our construction surveying division handles all phases of construction and development. We handle 3 phase surveys for homebuilders as well as the construction staking of roads and utilities for our developers.
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Engineering Support

We provide engineering support surveys to architects, engineers, and environmental specialists. We are well versed in doing topographic, as-built and control surveys to design firms.

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Oil and Gas Surveying

Our oil and gas division handles boundary surveying, drill site surveys, plats, as well as pipeline and right of way surveying.

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Elevation Certificates

FEMA elevation certificates are used to determine your flood insurance rates. FEMA elevation certificates removes the uncertainty about the elevation of your property and increases the accuracy of your flood insurance quote.

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Platting/Re-Platting Services

Whether you are dividing property or adding to your property we can plat your property for you. Platting a property is being required by more and more cities and counties in order to build on a property or to divide it into multiple tracts.

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Topographic Surveying

We provide Topographic surveys to meet our customers varying needs. Whether you need a topographic survey for construction, development, or permitting we can help.

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Tree Surveying

Tree surveys are required by most cities now when building a new home or doing a subdivision development. Tree surveys help determine what trees could be removed by development and which should be replaced according to a cities tree ordinance.

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